Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free homeschool planning curriculum printable

New-bintexas offers a great freebie for homeschoolers.  Here is a great site for a free homeschool curriculum planner!

I love that it is so detail oriented!  (She suggests you read through before just pointing, clicking and printing the 180 pages)  After skimming reading a little of this (as right now I just needed a calendar printable), I greatly agree that you should read through it first.  Takes a few minutes...not too long...I promise.

This year, I am doing school easy and am letting Abeka video do most of the work for me, so maybe next year I probably won't might decide to do it myself. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

JCPenney $10/$25 coupon through Today 7/30

JCPenney is continuing their awesome $10/$25 coupon through today!  This is just in time for back to school shopping. 

(I went last night and snagged a pair of sneakers that I got for my birthday for $28.99 after sale and coupon!--normally $62.99--go me!)

Old Navy deal through today 7/30

Old Navy is having a $4 sale.   You can get swimwear, graphic tees, basic tees and shorts for everyone in the family for just $4.  This sale is valid in-store.  Go here for all the details.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A new USED way to gift wrap

One of my favorite blogs these days is Sew 4 Home. 

I love their projects and their nifty ideas.  The other day, I was organizing my hoarded stash bag of gift bags from my birthday, (yes I keep my gift bags to reuse...don't you?)  and I realized that THIS will be the year that I minimize the trash that I contribute to with gift wrapping.

Sew 4 Home has made it easy on me. 

Newspaper, baby blankets, towels, pillowcases, maps (am wishing I wouldn't have thrown away the vacation map of Texas now), and clothing can be used to wrap gifts!

--- (THE BOY reached the age this past Christmas where clothes just weren't exciting I can use them to WRAP his gifts!)

Check out Sew 4 Home to see what you can wrap your gifts with cheaply and saving you some GREEN $$ (and YES you can do this without sewing!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to me! it's the night of my birthday.  I had a really busy day, the kids were good, work was good, dinner was yummy, and church was good. 

Here are a few fun things I got for my birthday....

Mom sent me the moolah to get the materials for a raised garden bed. Thanks mom! 
(I made two 3 x 5 beds). 
I got the instructions from and modified it to my size. 

This is an internet pic, as it's dark outside and I didn't take a picture yet.  Too bad though, the veggies look yummy!  Currently, I am just killing grass and not growing anything.

2. Wonderful friends at church gave me these fantastic gifts.  Satisfies all my needs:  Coffee, hair, and smell!
3. Mom's moolah also bought these. I am looking forward to making my bible a wristlet cover to carry it in.   
I am really blessed to be a year older, maybe a little wiser...that's a BIG maybe.  I'm surrounded by people I like and a wonderful church family.  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Camera Case

This is what my previous camera case looked like:
Yeah, I know. It's even a holy sock.

But, worked, didn't scratch up the screen on my camera and make it easy to carry since I could just grab the top of the sock. THE HUSBAND was not very excited about it, but he loves me, so he went with it. (Love you honey)

Then I found this tutorial for a business card/gift card holder at Sew 4 Home and KNEW I could make a camera case for my camera with that tutorial. Its quick and easy to make.

This is now what my camera case looks like.  As an added bonus, I had all of the materials here at the house, so the only cost was my time! 

Back of the case

Front of the case

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easy Guitar Strap

I have recently been taking guitar lessons and realized that a guitar strap would be UBER helpful.  Of course, as cheap frugal as I am, I figured it would be easy to make one.  Here is a tutorial for my guitar strap.

1. I guesstimated my length for a strap I would need.  My strap is 68" in length x 4 1/2 wide.

I used three different colors for the strap: Polka dot brown for front, red for back and brown for the ends where the guitar buttonholes will be.  Also, I needed a sturdy piece of fabric for the inside to give my strap some weight.  Can't have a flimsy strap, now can we?
2.  I added the brown to the end of the strap on each color.

3.  Then on the back of the brown polka dot fabric (it was a lighter weight, so it needed some sturdiness added) I sewed on some thicker cotton material I upcycled from an old dress.
I know, I should have ironed it first....but I am a "get it done now" kinda girl. 

4. Then I sewed the right sides together of the polka dot and red pieces.  I only did one side, as I didn't want to have to struggle with turning it right side out.
5. Then I took my strap upstairs, turned it right side out and ironed it, along with ironing the edges together to prevent fraying.
6. I hemmed the ends first, and then I sewed my remaining side closed.
7. Once this was completed, I knew it would need holes to be able to attach to the buttonholes on the guitar.  I simply cut holes in the ends at various places and then sewed these frayed edges up.

(Now to finish resewing the edges of the guitar case in the picture. )

Complete!  Now I can play standing up!  Yay!  No more hunchback guitar playing.....

I linked this to


Tip Junkie handmade projects

Buy 1 Get 1 Free McDonalds Frozen Drink

Just a reminder that this coupon is still available!

Print a coupon for a free frozen strawberry lemonade, frappe or fruit smoothie at McDonald’s when you purchase another of equal or lesser value. This coupon expires July 31, 2011.

Free sample fo Honey Nut Cheerios

Sign up for a free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios. In addition to the sample, you will receive a $0.75/1 coupon. The limit is one sample per household.

2 Free Blockbuster Express DVD Rentals (thru 7/25)

Get 2 free DVD rentals at your local Blockbuster Express! Simply use codes 36BCRD5 and 63TGAF5. Expires 7/25/11 at midnight.

These can be used once per debit/credit card, so you can rent more than one for free by using different cards.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy Headband holder

While vacationing last week with our wonderful friends in Amarillo, awesome friend Andrea called me from her store to tell me that she had some clearance headbands that she was about to ship out and would I like some?  OH YEAH!  With the new short hair, i gotta get this hair away from my eyes and THE GIRL is a headband lover!

THE GIRL and I made the boys take a pit stop Sunday after church and we bought some new headbands. 

Now the dilemma:  Where will we store ALL of these wonderful bands?

Make a headband holder, duh!  I have seen these and they are super easy to make. 

1. Grab your Oatmeal canister.

2. Pick some paper to design.  For the large container I used two 12 x 12 sheets fit to size.  Glue to oatmeal canister.

3. THE GIRL and I added some ribbon trim and covered the lid with paper as well.
(I forgot to take pictures of that step.  Oops!)

4.  I poked some holes in sides and pushed some ribbon through and knotted the ribbon on the inside. 

VOILA!  Hanging headband holder.
New way to store headbands!

Here is another option for storing headbands....
Check out the tutorial at Lotte Lu and Brother Too.

I really like this idea and plan on making some for gifts. consignment and Christmas!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to School Deals 7/17-7/23

Office Depot

The school supply deals are starting to ramp up, and Office Depot has some good ones this week as well:

:: $0.25 Deals

  • Office Depot Brand 12" Plastic Ruler
  • Office Depot Brand Stick Pens (10 pk.)
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Office Depot Brand Notebook Filler Paper

:: $1 Deals

  • Sharpies Permanent Markers (singles), 2/$1
  • Office Depot Brand Two-Pocket Folders, 10/$1

:: 2 For Deals

  • Select Sharpie, Sharpie Accent, Zebra & Expo Writing (reg. $3.69-$5.49), 2/$5
  • Select Zebra Writing (reg. $3.79-$3.99), 2/$6
  • All Pilot Z2 4-pks. (reg. $4.69-$5.79)

:: Other Deals

  • School Essentials (reg. $0.99-$11.99), B2G1 FREE
  • Fashion Binders, $4.99
  • Fashion Notebooks (reg. 2.99), psa $1.29
  • TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator, $9.99
  • TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator, $12.99
  • TI-34MV Scientific Calculator, $19.99
  • Assorted Backpacks (reg. 12.99-$78.99), 25% off
  • All 3M Shipping & Address Labels (reg. $10.99-$62.99), B1G1 FREE

:: Mail-In Rebate Deals

Office Depot Brand Multi-Purpose White Copy Paper, $6.49$5.49 Mail-In Savings Visa Prepaid Card
$1 after mail-in Savings!
TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator With Color Screen, $159.99
$5 Instant Savings
$15 Manufacturer Mail-In Savings
$139.99 after instant savings and mail-in savings!
TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator with Touchpad, $149.99
$5 Instant Savings
$15 Manufacturer Mail-In Savings
$129.99 after instant savings and mail-in savings!
HP Laptop Computer with AMD Phenom™ II Dual-Core Processor, $529.99
$80 Instant Savings
$50 Manufacturer Mail-In Savings
$399.99 after instant savings and mail-in savings!
TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, $99.99$15 Mail-In Savings Visa Prepaid Card
$84.99 after mail-in Savings!
TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, $119.99
$10 Instant Savings
$10 Mail-In Savings Visa Prepaid Card
$99.99 after mail-in Savings!

Walmart Deals
Walmart's school supply deals started this week as well! I'm guessing we'll see better prices on a lot of these supplies as the summer wears on, but don't forget that Walmart will match any local competitor's advertised price, so save yourself the trouble of driving from store to store.
  • Paper Folder, $0.10
  • CraZart Brand Crayons, $0.25
  • Paper Folder with Prongs, $0.25
  • Crayola Crayons (24 ct.), $0.40
  • Elmers School Glue, $0.40
  • Elmers Glue Stick (2 pk.), $0.40
  • Composition Notebook, $0.40
  • 3x5 Ruled Index Cards (100 ct.), $0.44
  • Dixon Pencils (10 ct.), $0.47
  • Poly Folder, $0.50
  • CraZart Brand Washable Markers (10 ct.), $0.74
  • Off Brand Scissors Blunt and Sharp Point, $0.74
  • Wide Ruled Filler Paper (150 sheets), $0.75
  • 3 Ring Binder (1 inch), $0.92
  • Crayola Markers (10 ct.), $0.97
  • Crayola Colored Pencils, $0.97
  • Pencil Top Erasers (40 pk.), $0.97
  • BIC Crystal Pens (10 ct.), $0.97
  • Filler Paper Lined (200 sheets), $0.97
  • Pink School Eraser (2 pk.), $0.97
  • Pencil Sharpener (All Colors), $0.97
  • Germ X Anti Bacterial, $0.97
  • Pencil Box, $0.97
  • Manila Paper (50 sheets), $1
  • 3x5 Index Cards (300 ct.), $1.24
  • Fiskars Blunt and Sharp Point Scissors, $1.47
  • Sharpie Markers (3 pk.), $1.47
  • Sharpie Skinny Highlighters (4 pk.), $1.47
  • Sharpie Regular Highlighters (4 pk.), $1.47
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers (2 pk.), $1.47
  • BIC Mechanical Pencils (10 ct.), $1.47
  • Paper Mate Pens (10 pk.), $1.47
  • Construction Paper (100 sheets), $1.87
  • Crayola Washable Crayons, $1.97
  • Crayola Water Colors, $1.97
  • Crayola Washable Markers (10 ct.), $1.97
  • 5 Star Wide Ruled 1 Subject Notebook, $2.24
  • Elmers Large Glue Sticks (3 pk.), $2.47
  • Pilot G2 Pens (2 pk.), $2.47
  • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (10 ct.), $2.97
  • Copy Paper (500 sheets), $2.97
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers (4 pk.), $3.47
  • 5 Star 3 Subject Wide Ruled Note Book, $3.64
  • Pilot G2 Pens (4 pk.), $4.47
  • Zippered Binder, $10
  • Nap Mat, $10
Office Max 

Check out the back-to-school deals at Office Max this week!***Be sure to read the fine print for limits.

:: A+ Savings

  • Office Max Filler Paper (100 sheets), $0.01
  • Schoolio Crayons (24 pk.), $0.25
  • Office Max Clear Zippered Binder Pocket, $0.25
  • Just Basic Ballpoint Pens (10-pk.), $0.50
  • Schoolio Composition Books (100 sheets), $0.75

:: $1 Deals

  • Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers (3 pk.)
  • Sharpie Accent Yellow Tank-Style Highlighters (4 pk.)
  • Office Max 2"x2" Neon Self-Stick Note Cube
  • Scotch Magic Tape in Designer Dispenser
  • Office Max 1-Subject Notebook (100 sheets)

:: 2/$3 Deals

  • Avery Permanent Glue Stic (3 pk.)
  • Office Max 3"x5" Index Cards
  • Westcott KleanEarth 5" Scissors
  • Office Max Wireless Notebooks (80 sheets)
  • Office Max 3-Subject Notebooks (120 sheets)

:: 2/$5 Deals

  • Expo Dry Erase Markers (4 pk.)
  • Select Crayola Markers, Pencils & Crayons
  • Zebra Z-Grip Gel Pens (4 pk.)
  • Office Max 1" Durable View Binders
  • Office Max 5-Subject Notebooks (180 sheets)

:: 2/$12 Deals

  • Zebra Z-Grip Pens or Mechanical Pencils (24 pk.)
  • Office Max 8.5"x11" Ink Jet or Laser Paper (500 sheets)
  • Sharpie Assorted Fine or Ultra-Fine Markers (24 pk.)
  • Office Max 1" Durable View Binders
  • Office Max 5-Subject Notebooks (180 sheets)

:: Other Deals

  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus SE Graphing Calculator, $119.99
  • Action Sport Drive (4GB), $9.99

Great back-to-school deals again at Staples this week!
If you have a lot of supplies to buy, Staples is also offering an additional 15% off all school supplies  through 9/17/11 when you buy a savings pass for $10! There are plenty of deals to be had if you're willing to shop multiple stores each week, but if you want to simplify your back-to-school shopping, the savings pass may be a good option for you.


Bic Brite Liner Grip Yellow Highlighters (5 pk.), $3.99
$4 Easy RebateFREE after Easy Rebate!

:: $0.50 Deals

  • Staples Jumbo Assorted Colors Paper Clips (50/box)
  • Avery Insertable 5-Tab Dividers
  • Westcott 12" Finder-Grip Ruler
  • Staples Steel 1-Hole Punch
  • Staples Mini-Composition Books 2/pk. (80 sheets)
  • Staples Translucent Pencil Box (assorted colors)
  • Staples Magnetic Bulldog Clips (3 pk.)
  • Staples Dual Pencil Sharpener
  • Staples Brown Clipboard (5.5"x9)
  • Staples Photo Plus 4"x6" Gloss Paper (60 pk.)

:: $1 Deals

  • Staples 3"x5" Top Spiral Memo Book (80 sheets)
  • 5.5"x8.5" Dry Earase Board with Marker
  • Staples 3"x5" Magnetic Closure Memo Book
  • Hammermill 8.5"x11" CopyPlus Copy Paper (500 sheets)
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable, Extra Bold Ballpoint Pens
  • Staples Assorted 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencils (12 pk.)
  • Avery 1" Black and Blue Durable Binder
  • Bic Clic Stic Black Ballpoint Pens (5 pk.)
  • Paper Mate Profile Extra Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pens (4 pk.)

:: $2 Deals

  • Bic Wite-Out Correction Tape (2 pk.)
  • Locker Planet Magnetic Locker Accessories (frames)
  • Expo Dry-Erase Board Cleaner
  • Avery 1" Durable View Binder (assorted colors)
  • Carolina Notebooks and Composition Books
  • Really Useful 1.6L Storage Box (assorted colors)
  • 8"x5" Top-Wire Writing Pad (80 sheets)
  • Staples 5"x3" Top Open Memo Books (75 sheets)

:: $3 Deals

  • 8.5"x11" Monthly Calendar Dry-Erase Board with Marker
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer (8 oz.)
  • Master Lock Combination Lock
  • Scotch Magic Invisible Clear Tape (3/4"x300)
  • Energel Express Retractable Roller Pens
  • #6 3/4 White Security Enevelopes (20 lb.)
  • Locker Planet Dry Erase Board Locker Accessory
  • Staples 3"x3" Yellow Stickies Notes

:: $5 Deals

  • Omnitech Battery-Operated Pencil Sharpener (assorted colors)
  • Scotch Moving & Storage Tape
  • Staples Letter/Legal-Size SureFit Blue Storage Boxes
  • Sharpie Felt-Tip Pens (fine tip)

:: B2G1 FREE

  • 1.5" Avery Heavy-Duty View Binder

:: Must Have Technology

  • PNY Attache 8GB USB Flash Drive, $11.99
  • Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB Portable Hard Drive, $59.99
  • Norton 360 v5.0 1-3 PC's, 40% Off
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (1 PC), $99.99

:: Other Deals

  • Get 50% in Staples Rewards on select discounted backpacks
  • The Original Book Sox, $2.99-$4.99
  • Texas Instruments TI-30SXIIS Scientific Calculator (blue), $14.99
  • Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, $99.99
  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (silver), $124.99
  • TI-Nspire CX Color Graphing Calculator, $149.99
Thanks Dealseekingmom!