Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy Headband holder

While vacationing last week with our wonderful friends in Amarillo, awesome friend Andrea called me from her store to tell me that she had some clearance headbands that she was about to ship out and would I like some?  OH YEAH!  With the new short hair, i gotta get this hair away from my eyes and THE GIRL is a headband lover!

THE GIRL and I made the boys take a pit stop Sunday after church and we bought some new headbands. 

Now the dilemma:  Where will we store ALL of these wonderful bands?

Make a headband holder, duh!  I have seen these and they are super easy to make. 

1. Grab your Oatmeal canister.

2. Pick some paper to design.  For the large container I used two 12 x 12 sheets fit to size.  Glue to oatmeal canister.

3. THE GIRL and I added some ribbon trim and covered the lid with paper as well.
(I forgot to take pictures of that step.  Oops!)

4.  I poked some holes in sides and pushed some ribbon through and knotted the ribbon on the inside. 

VOILA!  Hanging headband holder.
New way to store headbands!

Here is another option for storing headbands....
Check out the tutorial at Lotte Lu and Brother Too.

I really like this idea and plan on making some for gifts. consignment and Christmas!

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