Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easy Guitar Strap

I have recently been taking guitar lessons and realized that a guitar strap would be UBER helpful.  Of course, as cheap frugal as I am, I figured it would be easy to make one.  Here is a tutorial for my guitar strap.

1. I guesstimated my length for a strap I would need.  My strap is 68" in length x 4 1/2 wide.

I used three different colors for the strap: Polka dot brown for front, red for back and brown for the ends where the guitar buttonholes will be.  Also, I needed a sturdy piece of fabric for the inside to give my strap some weight.  Can't have a flimsy strap, now can we?
2.  I added the brown to the end of the strap on each color.

3.  Then on the back of the brown polka dot fabric (it was a lighter weight, so it needed some sturdiness added) I sewed on some thicker cotton material I upcycled from an old dress.
I know, I should have ironed it first....but I am a "get it done now" kinda girl. 

4. Then I sewed the right sides together of the polka dot and red pieces.  I only did one side, as I didn't want to have to struggle with turning it right side out.
5. Then I took my strap upstairs, turned it right side out and ironed it, along with ironing the edges together to prevent fraying.
6. I hemmed the ends first, and then I sewed my remaining side closed.
7. Once this was completed, I knew it would need holes to be able to attach to the buttonholes on the guitar.  I simply cut holes in the ends at various places and then sewed these frayed edges up.

(Now to finish resewing the edges of the guitar case in the picture. )

Complete!  Now I can play standing up!  Yay!  No more hunchback guitar playing.....

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