Monday, October 22, 2012

UPDATE* House Party

My Nut-rition Peanut Butter House Party was a nutty and fun time!!  Feel free to check out my Party Page.

We made some clay jewelry:
Faith and quilt charms by Holly

Heart pendant by Pam

Magnet stars and pendant by Denise

Friend key chains by Abigail and Hannah

Secret message by Kim

Pendants and charm by ME
My inspiration was THIS, but of course I couldn't find it on the night of the party and kind of forgot where I saw it on the net....aaarrrgggh.
I read how to do clay jewelry at Then She Made, but used mod podge to seal mine at the end.
 We had such a fun time snacking and creating clay jewelry.  I am thankful that all of these wonderful ladies came! I know others wanted to come, and I appreciate that they wanted to even if their schedule didn't allow it. :)
As for the Peanut NUT-rition peanut butters that the House Party sent?  There were three flavors...
Berry Blast, Cinnamon Raisin, and Banana Granola. 

(Jessy thought that the serving spatulas were so neat that I sent one home with for her peanut butter loving daughter--who wouldn't love to have a peanut butter spatula all to themself???)

Everyone but me enjoyed the banana flavor.  I personally am not a fan of banana flavor.  I gotta have the real deal. 

I loved the Cinnamon Raisin.  MMMmnnn.  Several others were on the same page as me. 

Berry Blast--it really just tasted like peanut butter with an occasional hint of berry.  Very nice if you don't want overpowered peanut butter.
I loved the fact that Kim WILLINGLY posed as Doug, the stunt double for Mr. Peanut.  Love that lady!!  She makes a good Doug, don't ya think? (SHAMELESS PLUG--If you need some Norwex products, Kim is the woman to call.  Check her website out here)
We enjoyed making the jewelry and just having a great time hanging out together!
(Even Pat got to enjoy some goodies!)  Sorry Pat...I know my hubs was supposed to be here to keep you company amidst all of the estrogen in the house!

Overall, Good fun.  I love HOUSE PARTY!  I am heading on over now to sign up for another party!

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