Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unmaking a Crocheted blanket

I started making a crocheted blanket about 13 years ago or so when THE GIRL was a baby.  I have had to move it several times in order to get to items I really wanted.  It was time to do something with this blanket. 
The white part was shorter in width than the other two, the blue section was tighter and so the blanket was kinda crazy looking.  It probably was a good start way back 13 years ago, but I have gotten better at crocheting and don't want this as an example of my work.  It initially had a large blue border, but I remembered to take a pic about this point (hence the ball of yarn).
Now it's just down to two colors.
Almost done taking it apart!  Two more rows left!
Here is what is left.  It's a little sad, thinking of all of that time that I probably spent making the ugly little blanket. 
It's such a soft and fluffy yarn, I can't wait to make some hats and scarves out of it!

The best projects sometimes are the ones that you UNmake!

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