Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cake Popsicles (1st Attempt)

Have you seen the new craze for parties/showers for food?  It's cake Popsicles.  While out scouting the clearance V-day stuff in hopes to get some great decor for the upcoming bridal shower for a lady at church, I picked up this cute little heart pan to make my own cake Popsicles.

I made some marshmallow pops for the last baby shower that we did, and wasn't quite sure how to put on the frosting/candy melt for these Popsicles, so I did a trial run.

The downside to this is that I feel like I am wasting my oven power by only baking 9 muffins at a time.  Sooooo, I had THE GIRL whip up a batch of mocha brownies to make while these were baking...mmmmmnnn...mocha brownies....

Here is my first batch:

They were too fat (I filled them up too full), and one side was kinda goofy looking. 

The next step is to either warm up your frosting or melt candy.  I opted for frosting since I had it on hand. 

I left the frosting in the microwave for too long.  Epic fail :(
The frosting is too thin, and is just pitiful. 

I tried again, and got a better frosting coverage. 

The last batch I cooked, I only filled the batter halfway and these came out perfectly shaped hearts!  I didn't over melt the frosting and they were nice and pretty. 

Now the only problem I have is this: How to I get it to be perfectly frosted on ALL sides so I can put a stick in it? 

I guess that is what I will figure out next Tuesday, the day of the bridal shower.  Stay tuned for how those turn out!

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  1. Thats easy just put the stick in first, then dip them, then put them in some sort of foam or something to dry. Also look at bakerella.com she does the most awesomesauce cakepops, and decorates them beauftifully too!