Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book page wreath, Family Visit, Birthday Partying...

It's been  a CRAZY past few weeks! 
Our church is moving into a new space and we are rebuilding the inside to suit our needs, so that means THE HUSBAND and I are there twice + a week to help clean/build/labor...etc.   
After demolition of old space and new wood walls installed

Had to REMOVE wood studs and put up metal studs, then sheetrocked our new sanctuary

Painting the sanctuary

Helping THE HUSBAND tape up the HVAC in the ceiling

Almost completed new sanctuary

Also, I received a call last weekend that my mom and her husband, were coming to that was a lot of fun!!
 We played some pictionary.....

 Went out to eat

There were some friend birthdays recently, so I made one friend a book page wreath, which I used the tutorial from Loving Life Book Page Wreath.  Sooooo easy...

I kept one for myself.   Gotta love free projects.  I had all of the stuff on hand!

Also, our church's 5th Anniversary service was today (Sunday) and we wanted to show the Pastor and wife Jaime our appreciation for their hard work, service, and's a Wendy-word.  

Some of the ladies and I thought that date night babysitting coupons would be nice, but's hard to find printable coupons I made some.

I stole borrowed the image from aforementioned personal site...thx Jaimers!

Spent time with some new wonderful friends this weekend since her birthday was Thursday....

All in was a WONDERFULLY busy week.  Please forgive me for neglecting you all...I promise to start being a better blogger.  :)

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