Monday, June 20, 2011

Full Steam Ahead.......

This will EASILY be a busy week.

1. Regular job auditing/typing medical transcription.
2. Covering from 7-4pm for another transcription group.
3. Squeezing in some evening time (tonight or tomorrow & Thursday) to help a family at church move/get move in ready--new house.
4. Attend Family Life Conference at church Wednesday-Saturday nights at 7pm/-Sat 6pm.
5. Complete some of my TO DO items (Camera strap for wonderful pal Jaime, organize coupons, find great deal for raised garden bed, finish shirt I alluded to may posts ago)
6. Pack THE GIRL for camp next week (including buying sunscreen and snackies)
7. Meal plan and grocery shop.
8. Talk THE HUSBAND into sanding his woodwork that he wants me to stain/poly. (Soooo close to being done!)
9. Practice new song for Wed. 6/29. 
10. Cover my almost 1 1/2 inch roots of my hair....Beautify myself.

I will update any pics of my wonderful week. 


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