Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season...NOT to lie.

Honesty is the best policy.  Right? 

Does this outfit make me look fat?  Cause I'm really gonna say..."um..yeah. "

Wow, I did terrible on that song!   No one wants affirmation that they sang badly.  They already know.  But how do you say..."it wasn't THAT bad.  My ears only bled a few times."

Were the kids good for you?   Your parenting behavior has taught little Johnny how to be a monster, so can I really blame the kid for the behavior that YOU are not preventing?

How did the kids like the Christmas gift I sent?  Did they love it?  Oh yes, absolutely.  So much love it is being preserved for them to cherish in the way back of their closet.  You didn't know that there was a preserving system in their closet?

Do you want to go the the gym and workout with me?  Absolutely.  I would love to go to the gym....just not with you.  (Yikes)  -Or- I would be embarrassed for you to see my flab and sweat, so how do I say yes?

Here is a great article that talks about how even small white lies have an affect on our bodies.  Maybe we should take put more effort into being honest with each other.  Or, just not say anything and smile. 

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