Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hostess might be taking away our store bought Twinkies, but we can make our own!

Is anyone else really sad about the loss of Twinkies?  I think I will survive either way.  The one thing that does sadden me is that future generations will not experience this never-ending-shelf-life dessert the same way that we do. 
It's like asking my kids who Michael Jackson is.  They just don't know.  Sad.....

BUT we can make our own better-for-you version of the Twinkie all by ourselves to continue the Twinkie legacy.  AND you can make your own mold for the twinkie shape from aluminum foil!  Isn't that the best news you have heard all day?  I thought so. 

Now go....make your Twinkies and be thankful!

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