Thursday, August 30, 2012

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

Being part of the baby shower/wedding shower party planning committee at church, we get the joy of coming up with great parties for lucky mommas-to-be and wives-to-be. 

Our recent theme was "Milk and Cookies". 

We offered three different kinds of milk, 1%, 2%, and chocolate.

We had plates of homemade cookies and cake pops.

Also, for decor and drink option, we wrapped water bottles with colored theme paper.  Our theme colors were black and white with a hint of blue. 

I used the font "Lucida" in 250 to make the letters for the banner and glued it to a white piece of cardstock over a black piece of cardstock and then threaded ribbon through holes in the tops of each side. 

We had a fun time playing games.  

Clothesline game: 
Items needed:  Rope for clothesline, 2 baby dolls, 2 baskets of baby clothes, clothespins, cordless phone.

String a rope as a clothesline.  (We used two ladders).  Have a basket of baby clothes for each "mom."  Each mom must cradle the phone (like she is talking), hold the baby in the burp position, and hang up clothes.  If the mom drops the baby, she loses.  The mom with the most clothes hung up, or their basket completed first wins!

Another game was It's a wrap.
Items needed:  Baby doll, cloth diaper, diaper pins.

Two people either hold one arm behind back or wrap their arms around each other.  They must diaper the baby using only one arm from each person with the diaper pins.  The fastest team diapering their baby wins!  (You could add more steps such as powder and baby butt cream as well).

We always include a devotion for the baby shower.  Everyone can use some pearls of wisdom, especially those from God.
Cassandra, momma to be
It was a great time at the baby shower.  I can't wait to create another one!!

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