Friday, May 18, 2012

Mulberries (Link to make some Mulberry Jelly)

While walking home from the post office yesterday, the kids and I stumbled upon some mulberry trees behind the common area in our backyard. 

Last year I heard from friends how yummy mulberries were and I kicked myself that I didn't run over and grab some while I could. 

So last night (in our good church clothes--as we were prepared for missions conference), the kids and I went out to grab some mulberries.  (I knew the color would stain, so we had our rubbermaid kitchen gloves on.)  Who knew it would be hard to pick berries with HUGE gloves on your hands??

I found an easy-to-make recipe...(I hope) for mulberry jelly, and the kids and I will be out today to round up some more berries. 

TIP---lay a tarp down and shake the tree over the tarp.  The berries will fall off and you will be able to gather more with less work!

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