Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yoga classes, a new stretch in the road

Have you tried out Groupon yet?

I have purchased oil changes, CVS $20 gift card for $10, and most recently....Yoga classes. 

I have only personally dabbled in Yoga at home, and never in a class setting.  So I was uber excited to see if Yoga would help my neck/shoulder pain that I have had for over a year and a half.

The first class was Monday night.  It was a Hatha class.  It was easy and I didn't feel that I got much from it. 

My next class is Thursday and is a Yin Flow class (excerpt taken from Sound Method Yoga...Yin Flow is not a strict Yin Style class but a fusion of Yin and Flow styles intended to open tight areas of the body through long held poses and gentle flowing movement.)  This class looks like it will help my old lady body relax and open up my problem areas..i.e. shoulders, hips, hamstrings.

I am quite new and inexperienced, so I am just literally molding myself pun intended to whatever class is available that will fit in my scheduled. 

Have you tried Yoga?  What class do you find helps you the most?

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