Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disciplined Cleaning

Earlier, I posted about Money Saving Mom's series of 4Weeks to a More Organized  Home.  Since I check out her site daily for any fantastic deals or coupons, I LOVE the reminder to get something done in my house that I wouldn't normally do daily.

Throughout her series, I have actually completed the following tasks:

Clean the woodwork trim along the floor (I actually had THE GIRL do this one)
Clean all door handles, including kitchen cabinet pulls.
Clean the ceiling fans.
Purge items

Even though I am not keeping up with the list....I am encouraged to get stuff done that I noramlly wouldn't think of doing, except during a massive cleaning.  With Money Saving Mom's list, I can do it a little bit at a time and feel like I have a MUCH cleaner house!

Still need "To Do" List:
Clean out the junk treasures from the couch cushions
Clean out silverware drawer.
Clean light switches.


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