Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update: Naturally Washing my hair

So.....after jumping on the hair-wagon three weeks ago, I have to come clean....(pun intended)....I am not a huge fan of the baking soda/vinegar hair washing ONLY. 

Initially, I thought that it was great. 
        My hair felt healthy.
            My head didn't itch from the chemicals in the shampoo.
                It looked clean and felt pretty good too!

Then at the end of week 1, I started to get oily hair.  BUT, I expected this, and still trudged on. 

At the beginning of week 2, after a wash with baking soda (generous amount) and rinse vinegar and water once my hair was dry, it just felt gross.  I was trying to avoid overheating my hair, so once naturally dry and during the curling/straightening process I felt like I had a mop of nasty, oily hair. 

So, the middle of week 2, I switched from white vinegar to apple cider vinegar.  (I never understood why people had a problem with the smell of vinegar until that cider vinegar is just yucky.  I almost threw up...yuck).  No change in hair texture.  Still oily.  But I didn't want to quit.  So I continued the natural washing. 

UNTIL Sunday, 2/12.  I just couldn't do it any longer.  I had to use some chemically filled shampoo.  I have fallen off of the natural hair wagon.  But, since I wash every other day, I am going to wash every other time naturally, and so far, (the one wash naturally since the shampoo) has gone well.

I think that just allowing my hair/head a break from absorbing all of the chemicals in the shampoo will have to be good enough.  My vanity cannot tolerate the greasy, oily hair that I received as a result of the natural shampoo. 

I hope that if you try this, that your results are much better than mine!

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