Friday, February 17, 2012

Clean Air--Less Germs

We have all been sick lately with a cold.  THE GIRL got it first, gave it to THE BOY who gave it to me, and then the accumulation of germs in the house ended up attacking THE HUSBAND.

Now that we are only sniffling and trying to get back to 100% health, I just feel icky with all of these germs invading my house. 

Next to removing all the items from my house and scrubbing it top to bottom, the best thing I can think to do is OPEN THE WINDOWS.  (We still have snow on the ground and its only 36 degrees right now, but its warm enough for me to feel peace of mind).

So, I have the heat on (I know....not saving money) and the front windows open with an oscillating fan moving those nasty germs out of the house.

Other than spraying Lysol all over the house and filling up our lungs with toxins, anyone have a good idea on how to remove germs from your house?

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