Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make a Mambo Yarn Bangle

I watched P.S.-I Made This create this fun yarn Mambo bangle on Martha Stewart. 
Tiz’ the season for DIY and who says only trees are for  decorating!?  Keep calm and get your craft on with a bold accessory that  boasts this season’s chunky knit trend. Make a statement with a sweet  and soft style essential that’s perfect to cozy up to. 

To create:  Make a bracelet base using armature wire, which is  extremely easy to form.  Find a cylinder-shaped item that fits your  wrist- jars work great.  Continue to wrap around until you achieve the  desired width.  Use wire cutters to snip the end.  Wrap Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Mambo Yarn  (P.S.- it’s available in several other colors including hot pink!).  Slide under one coil, and  wrap around until the entire bracelet is covered.  Secure the end with a  knot and snip on the inside of the cuff. Lastly, add a bit of bling  and wrap rhinestone chain on top for a sassy touch.

Baby, it may not be cold outside- so be sure to look cool!
P.S. I made this
You can make your own by checking her video out on Martha -OR- by going to her site.

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