Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Cooking

It has been SOOOO busy around our house and church lately that when I woke up Saturday morning and didn't have any files to type (I transcribe for a psych hospital on the weekends) I felt a surge of energy to oddly bake and clean. 

First on the list was:  CLEAN.  I had my staff children stay busy with chores helping me around the house.

I pulled out an old recipe that wasn't so great the first time I made it, (I lacked an ingredient), so I figured i would try it again.

Bean/Cheese Burrito Crockpot Casserole

**This was kinda bland by itself, but topped with sour cream wasn't too bad. I would switch to garlic salt instead of the powder and this will probably add more pizazz.  Also, I added some browned hamburger meat, and probably should have added more spices....so if you add hamburger, mix taco seasoning with your meat. 

Also, I had THE GIRL start a box (yes a box mix) of sugar cookies.  We needed to go meet the new neighbors and our previous batch of "from scratch" cookies were BAD.  I needed reassurance that I wasn't wasting ingredients.  Then THE BOY and THE GIRL and I (with aprons on) rolled out the dough and shaped our cookies.

While they were busy doing this, I was busy making homemade Salsa.  I haven't actually tried it yet as I have two 1/2 bottles in the fridge.  If it is any good, I will post the recipe later.  :)  (I had to reduce the recipe 1/4 since it called for 16 lbs of tomatoes and I had about 5 lbs.)

 Then onto the cinnamon rolls. 

I took the picture while they were rising again the second time.  These were yummy straight out of the oven...

What a productive day it was and it was really great to have the kids help and create memories together. 

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