Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plan to Save and Actually Spend More

Don't ya just hate it when you PLAN on saving money, calculate the necessary coupons you can use and then due to lack of time, bad scheduling, and last minute procrastination you overspend what you planned to spend in the first place?  Don't we all have days like that?

I knew we were about out of toothpaste, so I jumped on the deal at Walgreens for 2/$5.50 Crest, getting a $3.50 RR back to use next time, AND I had 2/$2 coupons, so I paid $1.50 out of pocket and got a Walgreens coupon for $3.50 to use in the future.  My future use for the $3.50 RR was for some razors for the hubs (which I still have yet to buy) and that just didn't happen.

On the way to the baby shower today, I didn't plan appropriately and had to stop last minute for some baby shower cards (yeah...I coulda made 'em, but when I post the baby shower on here, you will see I was all "made" out), some extra peanuts to snack on and a gift bag.....(Dollar Tree was the first choice, but it was too far in my lack of time.) my LACK of frugality, I spent $12 on 2 cards--which were a hoot,a gift bag, peanuts, and gum....AFTER the $3.50 coupon.  It definitely goes to show that procrastinating is BAD all the way around. 

So fellow bloggers, if you learn anything from my rambling today....plan, plan, and plan...avoid procrastination....that's really what I learned today. 

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