Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camera Strap

Another item on my To Do list was to finish the Camera Strap for pal Jaime #5 of the To Do list. 

I used this tutorial at Make It Do in order to make this. 
(I added some padding for the neck area, so I inserted another layer on the inside)

I haven't actually had pal Jaime try it on her strap, so I really really hope it fits.
 (It doesn't look like much now, wait til it's around the strap)
  If not, I will be ripping it out and starting over.  **That's okay though.  I love her enough to do it.**
AND....#5 Complete some of my TO DO items (Camera strap for wonderful pal Jaime, organize coupons organized last night, find great deal for raised garden bed, finish shirt I alluded to many posts ago)

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