Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas ornament decor

The other day we ate a frozen pizza.  Doesn't really work with the "trying to eat healthier" diet, but was onhand, quick and easy. 

While discarding all the wrapping....i thought....I can use this circle piece of cardboard for something......(it sounds like the something a hoarder would say)

That something turned into an ornament:
CIrcle cardboard from frozen pizza (clean) mod podge, glue stick, 12x12 scrapbook paper x2, 4x6 inserts from CVS photos

I cut a piece of the cardstock that came with my CVS photos as the top of the ornament and covered with scrapbook paper. Then i traced and glued on my cardstock.
I applied a thick layer of mod podge and now they are good to go. 

Easy, quick and best of all FREE!

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