Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial for making a diaper cake for a baby shower or as a gift:

2 pkgs of diapers newborn or sz1
large 1" or larger ribbon (about 6-10 feet)
toys, clothes or something to add "fluff" to the cake
Bottle bank, regular baby bottle or paper towel roll for inside
rubber bands (for each diaper)
receiving blankets (optional)
cardboard for the bottom stand

1. Loosely roll your diapers and secure with rubber bands.

2. Create the bottom layer of your diaper cake.

3. Add your rolled diapers around your bottle/roll to create first layer.
4. Once size is achieved, wrap with a ribbon. (I used the blankets for this step)

5. Do your next 2 layers following steps 2-4.
6. Add your bling.
7. Cut a circle out of cardboard for the bottom.

Here are the two diaper cakes I made for the special ladies at church:

These worked out really well for our decor at the baby shower.

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