Thursday, November 10, 2011

Candy Flower Bouquet

As I sat staring at my handful of snack size Snickers to take to my pal Shelly in the hospital after having her baby, I thought "I can't just take her a handful of can I dress it up?" a dash...literally 15 minutes I made this.

Here is a quick HOW TO in case you wanna do it.

Start with your supplies:

Once I started, I realized I wasn't going to make just one I added more candy.
I started by making some circles tracing a glass.  I used the larger circle and taped on the candy to it.  (This was wrong....i will explain later)

It helps to have an audience while you make these. 
THE GIRL also helped take pictures as did THE HUSBAND.

Next, take your dowel rod, or whatever you are using for to support the heavy candy topper and wrap it with ribbon. 

Again, I taped the stick to the flower.....WRONG...keep reading.

I realized...Hey...this tape is NOT gonna hold the I broke out the glue gun.  Instead of taping...use the hot glue...just don't melt the candy :)

At this point, I realized that I needed something to stabilize the candy bars to keep them from flapping forward.  Floral wire worked great and glued it to the circle cardstock behind the candy.

Then I taped the candy bars to the wire for support (this is the back of the flower).

I hot glued the smaller circle to the front...again careful not to melt the candy.

I completed a second version with Twizzlers.

 Then, THE GIRL taped individual candies to floral wire and we used those as a filler. 

The tootsie rolls at the bottom are brown...just like soil. 

The best part...It won't die!  (Just hopefully get eaten!)

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  1. You are a good friend and have a really fun idea here!