Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great Idea Thursday-Make do

It's Thursday again!  Know what that means? 
Another super-wonderful idea from Yours Truly...
                           yes...that's me!

***Make do with what you have onhand.***

Today's blog is dedicated to a new friend...Hob Nobbin know who you are.

Her family has inspired me to be happier with what I already have, as I do have a lot already!!

Here are some ideas to use what you have to have a little fun!

Paper flowers with directions from

Scripture Candles @Confessions of a paper-craft chick



Instead of going to the movies, spending money on a family activity, or shopping....why not spend time together and play ball, Frisbee, a game indoors (Pictionary anyone?) or just read a book out loud to each other.   (Yes, even adults enjoy this)

***Make do with what you have onhand***

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