Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun on the run! (written by Cynthia Copeland)

I borrowed this cute little book from the library.  It has some nifty ideas to help keep kids entertained in the car, in a restaurant, at the doctor's office and no props required!

Here are some excerpts:

Create hand puppets

Word association:  One person says a word and the other responds with the first word they think of.  After a few turns, a new leader starts. 

Lip reading:  Have one person mouth a sentence and the rest try to figure out what is being said.

See how many people will wave back at you while you are driving.  The person with the most waves returned wins!

Alphaback:  Can you figure out what someone is writing with their finger on your back?  This is great for standing in line!

Tongue twisters: Unique New York...Selfish shellfish, Knapsack straps, We surely shall see the sun shine soon, Shredded Swiss cheese, six sticky sucker sticks,Mrs. Smith's Fish sauce shop, One smart fellow he felt smart. 

Traditional Rock-Paper-Scissors

......and so many more!  Go check your book out today from your local library!

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