Thursday, June 9, 2011

Half Recycled Compost Bin

I have been seeing many posts on other blogger sites using wood pallets for many different projects.  Since most of the people who know me will agree that I am cheap, frugal, sometimes overboard in ways to save money  and just plain strange sometimes, it should not surprise you that I made my own compost bin from wood pallets. (Actually, THE HUSBAND made the bin from the wood that I used my brute strength to tear up some of the wood pallets)

I knew I would need something to line the inside of the bin, as the gaping wide holes in the wood slats weren't really able to hold in compost.  So while at Menard's (Save BIG money at Menard's!) I found a leaf bag for $5.99 that I snatched up and used as the inside liner.  I poked holes in the bottom and the sides for air and drainage and VOILA!

Compost Bin a la pallet:

To make it even better....while out garage saling, I made a fantastic purchase of a $2 pitchfork!  Now I can mix/turn my compost!

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