Monday, June 6, 2011

Creative Ways to ReUse From GCC

I found another great blog with FANTASTIC ReUsing ideas:

Gayle from GCC lists some awesome ways to reuse all sorts of things from spray bottles, paper bags, phone books, etc....
Here are a few of her ways to reUse Phone Books:
  1. Make a Book Safe. Cut out a square of pages in the middle of the book under the cover and you now have a secret hidey hole.
  2. Shipping. I regularly sell stuff on e-bay. Phone book pages are great packing material because they are thin and the pages crinkle up really well.
  3. Booster Seat. Duct tape a few phone books together and you've got a FREE booster seat for that kiddo that doesn't quite reach the table. If you want to, you could sew a cover and wrap the books in quilt batting first for a little extra padding and decoration.
  4. Make Seed Pots. I've done this with newspaper but phone book pages work just as well. Go HERE for directions.
  5. Unique Gift Bows. Use THESE instructions and make yellow (or white) gift bows for your packages.
Or clever ways to reUse Wax milk cartons:
  1. Seed Starters. Rinse out and cut off the bottom to use as seed starters or containers for your window herb garden.
  2. Indoor Bowling. Clean them good and then stack them like bowling pins for the kids. Give them a rubber bowl and teach them to bowl. It's a great rainy day game.
  3. Ice Blocks. Having a party with a punch bowl? Freeze ice blocks in the containers to make a long lasting rectangle ice cube.
  4. Guard your garden plants. We live in the land of slugs so every year when my tomatoes are still young and tender I cut off a ring of the milk carton and place it in the dirt around my tomatoes. This keeps the slugs and bugs from getting to my plants.
  5. Paint Holder. I just finished painting my front door and the trim around it. While hubby used the bucket for window trim, we poured a small amount of paint in a waxy milk carton for the trim around my front door. When I was done I just tossed clean up.
Check out her Works For Me Wednesdays section for more ways to save!

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