Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On my list TO DO

It's been one of those several weeks where I continue to look around at my messy house and my list of perpetual things to do, and my pile of work and not feeling the urge to get any of it accomplished.

Here is my list:

1. Cancel savings account at (old car loan) bank.  Set up new savings account for THE BOY.
2. Make slipper shoes. I love this link for these slipper shoes.
3. Fix jean skirt.
4. Create a schedule for THE BOY (so he will quit asking me what he can do....I'm bored.)
5. Practice tying shoes with THE BOY.

6. Create a ruffled skirt like I saw at NY&CO.

 (Maybe a little longer and less ruffly...The ruffles were flat in the store and it was adorable)
7. Herb shelf above the sink??? (Not sure how this will work as I don't have a built in ledge)
8. Send mom my brother's childhood quilt.
9. Find a "learn guitar" video and start learning how to play.
10. Create pinata for THE GIRL's birthday party.
11. Plan for THE GIRL's birthday sleepover in a week. (Aaaack...its almost here)
12. Unpack Spring clothing and re-purpose some clothing to fit better.
13. Water the garden.
14. Clean the house.  (It's pretty dirty when you look below the surface...ewwww.)

I just don't feel like doing any of this though.  Maybe the pretty Spring weather outside has something to do with that.

I do have to water the garden.  1 item down....13 more to go!

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