Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My little Garden....Welcome Spring

I am so excited that it is warm and Spring has arrived. (Although I think Spring needs to hold stronger a little longer since it was 95+ yesterday--really?  In early May?)  I already feel the need to break out the Slip-n-slide. Too bad they don't make a cushioned adult version....

Lambs Ear

These are just about my favorite plant right now.  I was given these from a friend.  They are easy maintenance, are perennial and grow like wildfire, so I can easily re-distribute these next year to some bare areas of my landscape.

My garden is blossoming in this weather.


 I don't have much yard space, so I have a few vegetable crops growing in containers....Container gardening in the BEST!

 I was a little disappointed when I first planted at the end of April because it was so cold and it hurt my tomatoes I had grown indoors (that batch had to be dumped....sad day).  I planted some directly into the ground and they haven't sprouted yet...fingers crossed!

BUT...I have already sampled my wares in a salad for the last two days! (and had a radish during breakfast yesterday...yum)

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