Friday, May 6, 2011

A MAGnificent Idea!

I saw this post to make a magazine wreath on See Kate Sew today.

I think I will be making a hide the hideous front door decoration today.
Her tutorial was REALLY easy. 

I have many a MAG to choose from.....hmmmnnn...what colors to choose.....

I decided since this is the first one, I would go with a white/black theme.
It started off a little crooked, but I figured since I would be masking the center of it with flower rosettes, then no need to adjust!

I know.....I this point you are thinking...that does not look very "circular" to me, Wendy.

{ This is when THE HUSBAND walked in and said "What's this?" 
    When I explained what I was making, he said "And where are you planning on putting it?"
     My response was "The front door."
      His oh so witty comment back was "On the inside?"      Ha-Ha honey.  You are a barrel of laughs.
       Needless to say, he is my biggest critic.  Yet, he doesn't demand that I remove my creations.  For
        that, I love the man!}

Once it's all put together, it looks MAG-azine-NIFICENT! (And it hides the hideous carving in our door) BONUS!


  1. This is really awesome! How did you do the flowers?! It seems so complicated.

  2. Very cute! I love those flowers!