Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Labels cheap

 I am cheap.  I don't prefer the term frugal or thrifty.  I love that I refuse to spend when I don't have to.

I love to reuse something I already have to lower my cost.  HOWEVER, it usually ends up kinda trashy looking.  (Some people in my house don't really have the same respect for my re-usage)

As you can see, my current method really isn't working for me.  My post-it (although well taped...NOT) is something I have on hand and the sticks are free; as you can see, this is not weathering well.  (Pun intended)
The other day when I was at target, I found some HALF OFF dollar spot items. 
Aren't these adorable plant stakes?

I figured that I could splurge 16 cents for EACH stake (3 pk for $0.50)

Now to just figure out how to add a label to the plant stake.  Any suggestions?

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