Thursday, April 28, 2011

Straight to Curly

I have fine, straight hair.  It doesn't have much body, other than the shape of my pillow when I wake up. 
(What a mess I have behind me! Forgive me for not having a good backdrop)

So after jumping in the shower the other day, I thought I would "curl" my hair, naturally.

So I sectioned and rolled up my hair into little buns and let it air dry after spraying it with hairspray (granted Mousse probably would have worked better for "hold", but I didn't think about it until AFTER I had rolled it all up).

Beautiful, huh?  I know right, and I am seriously posting this?  The things we women do for hair....

Since I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere, gotta love working from home, I knew I had the time to let these buns dry naturally. 

---Except that I decided to take the dog for a quick walk since it was a beautiful day (yes I knew what I looked like when I left the house).  As we were walking around one of the many neighborhood circles, an older gentleman stopped to inquire about my dog.  It wasn't until I got home that I realized I probably scared him a little.  Poor old guy....anyway....I digress....

Then, after about 4 hours of air drying (and they really weren't completely dry) I removed the bobby pins and clips. 

That was a little scary, so I didn't take that picture.

I fixed my hair, moved the scary parts away and VOILA:

Instant Perm-like curls!!  Everyone at church loved the curls last night. What a hit!

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