Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heart Heaters

Denise, a friend from church, gave the wonderful idea for a "treat" for our upcoming Mother-Daughter brunch at church.  I try to think about if the item I am going to make is going to be used, head for the trash as soon as the party is over, or if it will be a useful item.  My first "idea" was a bookmark with our theme verse on it.  SCRATCHED that.

The second idea was a heart fan with the verse on it.  I shared that idea with others and it seemed doomed to the trash bin as well.

Then (light bulb) Denise recommended making her heat pads in the shape of a heart.  (She made several round ones for Christmas gifts and I LOVE this idea).

First, I gathered my many different heart colors of fabric and cut out the size of the heart that I wanted.  I stitched two hearts together (right sides facing) and left a hole at the bottom of the heart to be able to turn it right side out and stuff with my "warming material". 

After I sewed the heart, I cut little triangles around my heart edges so that when I turn it right side out, it will be round.  Also, cut a V at the inner point where the two rounded corners meet. 

Turn the heart right side out.

(Yeah, they are kinda goofy looking at this point, I hope the "warming material" will shape them up better)

Add 3/4 cup of warming material (there are several options available, the cheapest I used was white rice)

THE BOY decided to help. (hence the little hand)
I used a funnel to try to avoid making a mess. 
Obviously this didn't work.

Now all I need to do is sew the bottom where the point is and safety pin the verse to the heart (with instructions on how to microwave it).

Throw 'em into the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until desired heat is met and use for a coffee cup warmer, hand warmer, knee aching muscle soother (I couldn't think of a better phrase), or just to soothe any tired, weary muscles. 

Thanks Denise for the wonderful idea!  Now to finish sewing/stuffing the remaining (49) before next Saturday!  It's a good thing Denise and I are working together on this task!

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  1. Hi! Its me, Denise, the accomplice. It looks very cute! Its going to work well. However, the little triangle cuts look difficult. I will probably need to see it in person. I have a tip for making the funnel work: hold the funnel in one hand, the heart in the other and shake the funnel gently up and down (without taking it out of the heart) and the rice should go down.